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higerald said: Hey Emily, I don't know if this is weird, I hope it isn't but I really love your work. I heard about you through that zine collective (I can't think of the name rn) but I saw pictures of your residency a while back and the work was beautiful. Great job. I was wondering what you were working on now besides these rad sketches. I like to draw comics and things and have been busy lately but your work is inspiring me to get back to it.

Hi Gerald!  That isn’t weird at all, I’m very flattered.  Thank you very much.  Currently I’m working on a couple of projects.  Right now I’m making a couple of gift card designs for my job (which I will be posting soon).  I’m also putting together a graphic novel about a girl that will hopefully be released in issues online within the next couple of months or so.  The first issue is almost half way done and it will be called “The Cave”.  It will be sci-fi/fantasy horror comic and each issue will be an adventure that will reveal something new about her character and backstory.
It’s definitely hard to make art when you have a day job.  I try to wake up early and set aside at least an hour or two to work on my projects before I go to my job every day.  I’d love to hear some of your ideas, and see what you will be working on. 

#29 Solar Surfer Emily LewisRequested by George Boyle
Two Girls One Cup PG-13 VersionEmily LewisRequested by Kyle Fuchshuber - I’m very aware that I made this more G than PG-13. I’ve actually never seen the video, but from what I gather (I’m willing to admit I’m wrong) it’s about eating poop?
#27 Dog Licking PopsicleEmily LewisRequested by Adam Adams
#26 Bilbo Baggins as a VampireEmily Lewis Requested by Matt Lewis (my dad) 

I have tomorrow off…

Should I eat more pizza and watch the x-files?

#25 Three Headed TurtleEmily LewisRequested by Jennifer McCarthy


If I see you removing source info off of my posts or anyone else’s art posts; you’re getting blocked.

I will contact you, and if you do not cooperate, I will block you.

#23 Reverse MermaidEmily LewisRequested by Katinka PinkaPlaying around with some things, will (probably) do more to this later.

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