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Drawing #9 Yoda (if he were evil?)
a skull for paul
Daily drawing #7 doodoo the dog
Man bear pig
Daily Drawing #5 for Meagan Mclendon The Kraken finds a friend 
Lion eating a cheerleader.  Daily drawing #4 idea submitted by Sam Stolte.
Daily drawing #3 jellyfish
Daily Drawing #2!  Skydiving Lego man idea by Charles Cruz.  What’s your idea for a daily drawing? Tell me and I’ll draw it. 
Daily drawing #1 the cuttlefish.  Do you have any suggestions for tomorrow’s drawing?

Drawing Ideas?

I have a few long term projects going on right now, but I’d like to do a daily drawing.  
If you have any ideas I’d love to hear them.  Nothing too elaborate, but it can be whatever you want.